Trying to process data extract from an RPA action, transform that data, and then save it to another variable in the RPA


As the title says, I'm trying to extract data from a table using Appian RPA, and then apply some transformation to that data, and save it to a variable also in the RPA.

The data is being fetched correclty, and the transformation "tested independently" is also working, but when trying to combine them, it doesn't work, as no data is being written to the final variable.

Can anyone help me please?

Thank you in advance!

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  • The assignation of the "Evaluate Expression" output is configured on the Outputs section of the Low Code method.

    In this case, you set "resTable" as Target of the output correctly, But the expression to be executed must be "rule!AX_TESTE_PARSE(.....)" to generate an output.