Process Model is running every time when I re-start Appian services


I have a Process Model and it should run as per the scheduled time. There were no issues with this.

But, as and when I am re-starting Appian services, the above defines process Model is triggering.

Can someone advise if I have to do any setting changes to avoid this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Just to clarify, this should only occur if your services were shut down during the scheduled start time, then once your services are online it will start the 'missed' scheduled process.  Restarting Appian should not trigger any process that did not miss a scheduled run.

    In general, Gabriele's suggestion of using a boolean constant in the Timer Conditions (under Advanced Options) is what I always use to prevent processes from starting during imports/deployments to another environment.  This will work for restarts as well but you will have to change the constant to false before the environment shuts down. 

    Do you restart regularly?  Do you want this process to never run after it misses a schedule due to being offline or only sometimes skip a run, etc? 

  • I just want to run the processes as per the scheduled time not at any other time including services re-start.

  • Since Appian's native behavior is to start a process automatically upon restart if it missed a scheduled start time, you will need to control this manually via the constant suggestions above.

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