QueryRecordType not returning all values.

I am trying to pull the records from a reference table.  There are 4 records in the table.

However, the expression rule is only pulling three records.

There are no filters on the record type.

The Expression Rule

recordType: 'recordType!PMSO REF VolunteerRequestStatus',
fields: {
'recordType!PMSO REF VolunteerRequestStatus.fields.VolunteerStatus_id',
'recordType!PMSO REF VolunteerRequestStatus.fields.VolunteerStatus'
filters: {
field: 'recordType!PMSO REF VolunteerRequestStatus.fields.isActive',
operator: "=",
value: true
pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(
startIndex: 1,
batchSize: 10,
sort: a!sortInfo(
field: 'recordType!PMSO REF VolunteerRequestStatus.fields.sortBy',
ascending: true()

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