Redirect Intial Interface


I need advice .As my requirement after registered data to database and redirect register form.

below is my process model flow.

which flow is better and good for redirect interface.

Is there any other method other than the Flow I implemented?


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    What are you trying to accomplish?  When you say "redirect interface" what do you mean exactly?


    My requirement is after registered data i need to display register form again . if there is no user action  terminate the process model .

    redirect interface means (plz reference screen shot)

    I'm  worried about a flow that calls the same process model again in a subprocess is a good idea.

    Is there no other way to redirect initial interface?

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    after registered data i need to display register form again

    Can you add any more detail about what the purpose is for displaying the register form again?  Are you allowing the original entered data to be changed (and saved over) or a purely new entry to be added?  Is the same user going to need to add several consecutive entries for instance?

    The most common way would be to loop back to the initial task (chained, the user won't know much difference).  Be sure you provide the user a way of clicking "finished" or "close" or something like that when they have no additional entries to add (train them to not just "navigate away" if possible, though it's good to handle that case since some users inevitably will). 

    The "call the same subprocess again" approach can *also* work, and has advantages and disadvantages.  The advantage is that the subprocess could potentially be updated to a new version even while the user is on the original task.  The drawback is that it's a bit more confusing to edit and to troubleshoot later.

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    Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific needs. However, for your scenario of simply re-displaying the register form after data is saved, chaining with a timeout offers a simpler, more efficient, and less error-prone solution.

    If you plan to reuse the register form logic in other processes, then a subprocess becomes the better choice due to its reusability.

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