Conversion of DOCX to PDF generates large files

The Convert DOCx to PDF (Aspose) smart service appears to generate excessively large PDF files. This is a concern for our project team, since PDF documents are being generated to send to customers via email, and the size of some documents is approaching 10MB, which may result in rejection by mail servers. As an example, a DOCx template document (instead of a document which we have generated using the template) was used as the input document for the smart service. The input document (the raw template) is 164 KB. The generated PDF was 1608 KB. If the same DOCx template is opened in Word and saved to PDF, the resultant file is 99 KB.

Below are the array values of the process data that is used/updated by the ss:

[SourceDocID=1303965, LicenseFileID=15901, FontIDs=21705, 21706, 21707, 21708, 21709, 21710, 21711, 21712, FontFolders=/usr/local/appian/ae/_admin/accdocs3/4745, IsEncrypted=False, UserPassword=, OwnerPassword=, IsFontsEmbeded=True, GeneratedDocFolderID=, LicenseFilePath=/usr/local/appian/ae/_admin/accdocs3/4745/10008329.lic, GeneratedDocID=1312770, SourceFileName=Issue Template page 3.docx, SourceFileFullPath=/usr/local/appian/ae/_admin/accdocs3/1252481/11218938.docx, GeneratedFileName=Issue PDF for Issue 3 Page:3-24/04/2018 22:44 GMT+10:00, GeneratedFileFullPath=, SourceFileTypeDesc=Office Open XML WordprocessingML Macro-Free Document, SourceFileTypeCode=3, ProcessTimeInMilliseconds=951, SourceFileSizeInKB=163, GeneratedFileSizeInKB=1608, ErrorCode=0, ErrorMessage=]

This is a Cloud environment. 

We are using the following plug-in to create a PDF document:

Convert Docs To PDF (v1.2.0) []

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