a!queryRecordType in portals is dead slow

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I was recently working on a portal and I directly tried to use a!queryRecordType there as Appian advertised in their recent releases but the response time was more than 30 seconds. Sometimes, it was so high that the request was hitting the timeout and the user was shown an error. As part of the query, I had a couple of queries that were getting the data without any heavy filtering or aggregation. If I load that interface directly in my design, the response time was less than 2000ms. 

Now my questions are

  1. Is this problem related to Appian Community Edition (ACE) or is this a real problem and it will take time for this feature to mature?
  2. Because of the server being unresponsive, I had to switch back to APIs and Integrations (that is again taking just 2000ms). So is my portal vulnerable now? Can a person with some knowledge, look in the requests my portal is making from the network tab of Chrome or via some other way?

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