Connecting APPIAN Application to APPIAN Process Mining

How can we connect APPIAN Application with APPIAN Process Mining so that we can extract logs automatically and continuously from APPIAN business data source or event logs to Appian Process Mining?

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    By using Appian RPA we can connect the process mining from Appian Application.

    For this we need to create one RPA Process and that should download the event log data from the data source and login to process mining module to upload event log. This RPA Process we can configure in our application in the process model wherever data is getting updated.

  • Connecting Appian Application with Appian Process Mining involves establishing a seamless data flow between the two platforms to enable automated and continuous extraction of logs from Appian business data sources or event logs into Appian Process Mining. This integration allows users to analyze and visualize process data extracted from Appian applications to gain valuable insights into process performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize process workflows.