Does not exist: Process Model Error while executing the process

Hi All,


When I am trying to start a process through process launcher sometimes I get an error: "Process Model does not exist". It does not happen always but sometimes it does happen.  I have imported & republished it many times but still the issue occurs.


In Application Server logs, it shows following Info:

[ajp-/] ERROR com.appiancorp.process.runtime.processmodels.StartProcessUtil - com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.exceptions.InvalidProcessModelException: Does not exist: Process Model
com.appiancorp.suiteapi.common.exceptions.InvalidProcessModelException: Does not exist: Process Model


Can anyone guide why this is occurring & how can it be fixed?



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  • You might be using sub processes under your main process which you are trying to start /debug but one of those sub processes is the un-published state ( only saved and not published ), hence the error was seen.
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    over 5 years ago
    as per my understanding, if the Process configuration is well and executes perfectly at once then it should not raise such issues while executing it for twice or many number of times, please try to check for sub processes (if Any), if all is fine but still facing the same issue, then under Setup tab of sub-process node, choose the same process model again through Picker, and create a duplicate process for the Main process which is raising the above error, save and publish the newly created duplicate process Model and Run the same, and check are you still facing the same issue.
  • This happens when a process or sub-process is edited in a running instance and while saving and publishing that instance, the previous version is deleted. Just open the model and publish it again and don't delete previous versions.
  • Open the respective process model and validate it. If there are any issue on the model/ on the sub process then this issue will occur.