Run Multiple Process using a!startprocess() Function

Hi Guys,

I have requirement that needs to run a process for n times depending the number of items of array. I tried calling the subprocess using MNI scriptTask (sets the next index) and the Complex Gateway Condition node.

The problem is when the form is submitted the form disappears and it says action completed. Note that activity chaining is already set to both main process and subprocess. I'm suspecting that it goes beyond the limit of 50 nodes max per execution since there are 8 nodes per iteration. So, I change the design and use the a!startProcess() function. 

a!startProcess() is called when button is clicked in the form. Tried once and it's successful. Now, when another a!startProcess() is added in the saveInto:{} section, when the button is clicked I got an expression error which says - "Attempted to run a second smart service, but only one smart service can be run per expression evaluation".

Is there a way to run a!startProcess() multiple times or any way a process can be called multiple times?

Thanks in advance!

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