Query Process Analytics pagination and Rows per engine limitation

We have configured the row limit per engine for process reports as 3000. When I pass the pagination from 3001 to 3010 then Appian throws below error.

Error: errorMessage=The result cannot be returned. The number of rows requested would exceed the configured limit per engine. (APNX-1-4176-000)


Rows that I am requesting is only 10, why do we get such kind of an error when engine can give me max 3000 rows.



  contextProcessModels: rule!QM_workflowTaskReportProcessesList(),
  query: a!query(
    pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(
      startIndex: 3001,
      batchSize: 10,
      sort: a!sortInfo(
        field: "c1"

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