Is there a way to terminate a process if a user closes the browser tab/window?

In our case management system, we have a process which - 

  • Is run as a quick task
  • Every UI node in the process has an exception timer
  • When a user launches an action related to a case, the case gets 'locked' to the process initiator and no other user can edit the same case if it is being edited by another user

However, we have users who repeatedly end up using the browser tab/window close functions if they want to 'x' out of the task they are in. The process continues to run in the background until the timeout is hit and other users who might need to make edits are locked out of the system until the previous process times out. Is there a solution/what are my options to terminate a process if a user closes the browser window? 

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  • You're best option to mitigate if a user abandons a process that needs to be closed out is to put a timer with a condition defined either on a task or the whole process. However, I do highly recommend that you document these exception timers that will terminate the process. I've seen in projects over time where multiple timers are set out throughout the application with different timers associated with them (15mins, 30mins, 45mins) with no overarching rule governing them all. In your case, utilize constants to have consistency in your termination flows, and document their locations so that the support team knows the impact of this.
  • Definitely a good idea to document time-outs like this. It's also good to take it a step further and use a single global constant to configure these time-outs to further ensure consistency and to allow for easy modification of the time-out for all processes.

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