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Hello All,

I'm designing one application to update the values in database table, In such a way that the existing values will be displayed to the user in editable grid and user can update any values if needed. This edit option is available in record tab related action section. There are two interface forms designed for showing update success and update failure message after user clicks on update button. Now the issue that is happening here is when user changes the values and click update the flow redirects to update success form but its not visible to the user under current flow. Its available under Task Tab. I have enabled the activity chaining but still the form is not coming up at the same place. Can someone please suggest me why is this happening?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi,

    Since we changed version to use the on prem version 21.4 (21.2 was used before), we have a chaining problem.

    Here is the test scenario :

    1) Open a record from the record list
    2) From the summary view launch the "Update Record" action
    3) Change the record's title in the update dialog box and submit the form
    4) The record summary is displayed again after the dialog box is closed but the title remains unchanged
    5) The user has to refresh the page by pressing F5 to see the new title

    If I check the logfile db_PX021_2021-09-28_1245.log, I can see we have a lot of this warning :

    [Activity Chaining] Could not chain to attended activity.  No attended activity with compatible assignment was found.

    Any idea about this behaviour ?


  • Seen with the support : the problem comes from the version 21.4 itself and they're trying to fix it.

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