ERROR:Work item cancelled?

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I've recently ran into this error message and I'm not sure what this means. Any feedback is good. Thanks

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  • I just encountered that too the other day. In our case, the user that initiated the process was no longer part of a group that had access to a query entity and this access was needed to formulate the task name. Funny thing is it was working prior to us upgrading to v18.1 and it happened all of a sudden once we upgraded.
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    We also encountered the same thing, The User who initiated the process was no longer part of the group that had access to query Entity, The node got struck and the same type of alert got triggered. So In the process history you can see the User who started the process and Please check whether that user is part of the Group that is configured as a security for that PM.
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    Issue might be related to a deactivated process initiator.
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    Work Item Cancelled>> error occurs when a process lane property or task has setting as Run whosoever has designed/Run whomsoever has started and that account has deactivated.

    Below 3 solutions i have tried and all worked.

    1. you can reactivated user and please ask him/her to login other wise it wont work or you try loggin if that account exist.

    2. For instances to make them run please update lane/task assignments(it can be failling on both as per the assignment) to other one like if it is  Run whosoever has designed make it to Run whomsoever has started and vice versa.

    3. please go to prcess models published by that deactivated user and republish all then can trigger a new process.