Is there any way to call a Stored procedure(having some input parameters) that updates/Writes to DB


I have created a stored procedure which takes some input parameters and based on parameters, Insert query gets executed. I want to Call this Procedure either through SAIL Interface or Process Model. I cannot use fn!executestoredprocedure function as i am writing to db.

Can someone suggest on the same



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  • Hi  ,

    To pass the parameter in Execute Stored Procedure smart service.You need to create the pv with the same name that is in the input parameters of the calling procedure.

    And in the data --> input tab of the Execute Stored Procedure node you have to map those pv! with the values which you want to pass.

    Suppose for example you have a procedure:


    Then you have to create pv!input1,pv!input2 and in the input tab you have to map the values you want to pass in these input parameters and then send this pv!'s in the calling stored procedure.

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