Process Node Status of Problem with task but the Process is not shown on the Process with Problems report?

Hi all 

I've been trying to look at identifying processes with problems.

The out of the box report - Processes with Problems doesn't seem to highlight processes that have a node with a red line through it. Should the Processes with Problems report pick these up ?

I had tried using the approach of looking for a process with no active task - but that highlights genuine processes that are waiting for timer events to conclude or message events to fire - so I do not think that is a viable solution either.

Ideally the Processes with Problems report should pick these cases up, as Alerts are visible with emails being sent correctly to the alert recipients, and the process instances show there is a problem with this process when you look at the instance in question. 

In case you're wondering why, I'm trying to surface issues to our end users without them needing access to Designer to give them an overview of process health. 

Does anyone have any cunning solutions to this issue ? 



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