Starting a Process from a SAIL interface and chaining

Hello There,

I have a SAIL form with a button that starts a small process model via a!startProcess().  This model is set to chain from start to finish however the button is returning the "onSuccess" condition before the process instance completes. 

However, when I use the exact same parameters on a SAIL form with a!startProcessLink (ie: same values for the ProcessModel and Parameters arguments) the process instance chains as expected and does not return until the instance is complete.

I am depending on this background process to update data and then fetching the updated results on the SAIL form inside a with()

Is this discrepancy the expected behavior? 


A couple notes:

  • The documentation says that both calls should respect process chaining
  • We are running on 18.1 however there is no mention of a related bug in any of the subsequent release notes (18.2 or the hotfixes)

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