The web service smart node secure URL requirements?

I have a web service smart node in my process model set up with a secure URL.  When the node is launched I get the following error:

Problem:  An error occurred in executing an Activity Class.

Details:  An error occurred while reading the WSDL to create WSInvoker for the service {}IFSRAutomationService and the endpoint IFSRAutomationPort. An error occurred while processing the WSDL. It may not be a valid WSDL 1.1 document. (APNX-1-4041-002)

Recommended Action:  Examine the activity class to correct the error and then resume.

Priority of this problem: High Priority

The node is setup with no Authentication.  Can you help with defining the error that was reported and is Authentication required when using a secure URL in the web service smart node?

I'm using Appian version 17.2.  Thanks...

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