Cancelling a process from another process

I have a process that includes a 'send message' node to cancel another active sub-process. The active sub-process gets cancelled and ends, with a receive message node. This process ends cleanly and also ends the parent process. I tried to change the process so that if the active sub-process needs to end - I use an Execute Process Report smart service to identify the subprocess's ID and then use a 'Cancel Process' smart service to cancel it. It does cancel it, but does not also end the parent process associated with the cancelled sub-process. Using the 'send message' to cancel the active process does - and cleans up these cancelled processes nicely - basically ends the active tasks and then ends the processes. Is the 'send message' the best way to go with this? I know that we should not use the 'send message' event to 'start' a process, but is it still acceptable (i.e. not soon to be deprecated) to end a process with a 'send message'? If I should be changing it - how to I configure the 'Cancel Process' smart service to cancel the associated parent process?

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