How can I change the person who start a process, to do it default

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to set a user or group by default for a process model? Not who starts the process!

I´ve seen that it´s possible select "Run as the person who designed this process model", but I don´t know if this solve the problem.. (I want to use the creator of process, but im not sure the designer is the same person)

In other way, this is a sub-process model box. How can I do it with the father (not sub-process)?

Thanks for your time! Best regards!

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  • because if the person publishes under their own account, then they change jobs or retire, you deactivate them and now no one in the organization can run the process model.

    To tack onto this, if there will be any longer-running processes in any particular system, then processes started under a user account that's deactivated later will severely malfunction if they still have processing to do at that point. 

    One project i've been involved with has had basically nothing *but* super long-lived processes, and we found it necessary to have everything but the top-level actions "run as designer" (and then make sure everything was imported by a non-user system account). 

    I know this might not be very common with well-designed projects nowadays which hopefully use shorter-lived processes, but it should be a design consideration at least.