Error in Update Constant Smart Service only in prod

Having an unusual error on the Update Constant Smart Service, but it only occurs in production.  I presume a security issue, but the error message is not specific enough to take action on.  I have verified the process runs as designer, the system account that is used by the designer has the security to update the constant.  This works in all lower environments (data was copied to lower env to verify).  What other settings should I consider?

An error occurred while trying to update the constant. Constant: 7,010,253. New value: TypedValue[it=197,v={TypedValue[it=3,v=800000031],TypedValue[it=3,v=800002578],TypedValue[it=3,v=800006977],  <extra data removed here>

TypedValue[it=3,v=923510550],TypedValue[it=3,v=800009728]}]. User: cto_appian.

We checked the logs and an error is happening, cannot quite make sense of it.  It appears that the whole thing is getting converted into a URL:


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