Process model still using deleted version

Hi all,

I've been making changes to a process model, but due to issues with the changes I made I tried to revert it back to how it was before I made the edits by deleting the versions I created. However, when I call the process model, it still seems to be using the latest version I deleted (Version 13) as opposed to the one I want it to be using (Version 5). When I go to the process monitoring and click the process name, it shows me it ran the latest version I deleted, but when i click the link in the monitoring view "Process Model" column it shows a blank canvas with the following errors:

To revert it back, I first selected "Save As", entered a new name, and saved so I had a copy (I've checked this and it has no dependents and a different name so I don't think it's being called). I then removed the versions to take it back to the original one I wanted, and clicked "Save & Publish".

Thanks for any help with this, I really appreciate it.

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