Can't start Process Model via Interface (URGENT!)

I am trying to start the process model via the interface and was able to do it successfully, everything was working fine but right before the release, it has started showing an error when I click on the button to start that process model.

(Note that: no changes were made to the interface or process model after successfully running the tests and another important thing is no other smart service except a!startProcess is being used in the saveinto part of the button) 

The following error is displayed in the designer mode after clicking on the button to start the process model

Could not display interface. Please check definition and inputs.

Interface Definition: Expression evaluation error: An error occurred while executing a smart service: Failed to start process. Process Model ID: 21506. This error will not be displayed to the user viewing this form. Click here to dismiss the error message and see the resulting interface.

Any help will be really appreciated,


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