How to search instances by multiple instance ids?

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We have couple of instance ids which needs to cross check whether process instances are really exist or not from monitoring view search box?

Thanks in advance.

  • From the Monitoring click on "Go to Customizable Report". 

    Click on Edit Go to Data tab.

    New Data add Display Name and in Definition pp!Id. and Save

    Go to Filters Tab. New Rule. 

    Select the new column "in" and pass the instance Id you want to search. 

    DO NOT Hit "Save" icon under the All Process. You will see the highlighted text that there is unsaved changed. Once you logged off it will clear you updates

    Hope this help. 

  • If this is a routine requirement for you, instead of a one-time thing (like for ongoing O&M needs), then I would highly suggest you build a custom SAIL form to handle it, utilizing a!queryProcessAnalytics which then could reference either one of the default system reports or a new report (you can make some changes to one of the out-of-box reports then save a copy of it, for example).

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