Error notification upon process cancellation

Hello Everyone,

We have a process to cancel all of the active process instances related to a particular work item in an application. We are achieving it with the help of a task report whereby we are passing the list of context process models under that App. Around 90% of our processes are activity chained and the majority of our sub-processes are called synchronously. The issue that we are seeing and haven't been able to figure out, happens intermittently. We receive an error notification (but the process instance doesn't show any error when we open it up) with the following verbiage - 

"Problem: The sub-process started by this activity has been canceled.

Recommended Action: This node cannot complete. Please start the next node if necessary"

The cancellation happens using the 'Cancel Process' smart service which is configured to cancel the child processes first and then the parent process. Any insight or help would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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