Unable to complete the process model completely and show the UserTask(showing interface) as expected.It is breaking in middle if data to be updated is more


I have the interface with nearly 40+ different fields which we collect and update the DB. In general everything is going good. After we got new requirement and because of new requirement we have add new subprocess model which will update the DB using Odata. So above process model has two subprocesses which will update data using Odata. If we have less number of data two subprocess models are getting completed and showing the page at end without any issues. If data is more(around 40 changes) then process model is breaking in middle and going to previous page(I mean from which page we have started it). But data is getting updated and if I see the monitoring page, then it is showing as everything completed successfully. But chain is breaking in middle and we are able to see Action Completed popup and redirecting to previous page. If we don't see Action Completed then I am not able to see previous page

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