Cancel Process Smart Service Security Error

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Dear all,

I am trying to cancel a process from another process by calling the target process ID.  I am trying to use the cancel process smart service.  However, I keep getting an error message that the user does not have security privileges to cancel the process.  I have double checked and the user indeed has admin rights on both the calling and the target processes.  Is there something more I should be checking?

Secondly, a user needs to have admin privileges on a process model in order to cancel it.  Is there a walk around this to enable end users to withdraw their requests and terminate the associated processes?


  • If you are still hitting an error, I recommend checking the 'Assignment' tab of the smartService to make sure the node is running under the correct user.

    Another idea is to use process-to-process messaging which can send a message to another process which will then hit a end node set to terminate a process.

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