Maximum number of unattended node instances

What are the maximum number of unattended node instances we ca have between two attended nodes? 

In the Appian developer course, they mention of 50 nodes. But in the documentation, it is 100 nodes. It would be great if someone could clarify on this. I have seen this question answered earlier but it does not seems to be in the latest context of material.

  • Last I heard, the default setting is 50.  I've always been unclear whether you count nodes or chains, and whether start and end nodes are included, but either way it's usually easily avoidable given good process design practices are used.

  • It's in  You can look this up yourself on a local install, or check with support on a low-priority ticket for cloud instances.

    Regardless, to maintain a high performing system, you should strive to treat 50 as the threshold, and avoid designs that exceed it.  Raising the limit is the easier way out, as opposed to examining your design to identify how to reduce the number of necessary nodes.  Examining your platform holistically, you might not want this limit increased.

    >Use both the inputs and outputs tabs when possible!

    >Remember, the Inputs tab is evaluated before the Outputs tab, but expressions in either tab are evaluated in effectively random order. 
    If your activity chains are getting very long, and there is an abundance of script tasks, make certain you have carefully reviewed the design and processing logic to verify which nodes are necessary and which are superfluous. 

    >If you have a script task ("node b") that follows a different type of node ("a"), and "b" evaluates the product of the "a" inputs, sometimes you can use the outputs tab of "a" to evaluate against the ac! value that was produced in the inputs tab of "a".  This could eliminate the need for node "b"  (that sounds confusing, but I'm pretty sure it makes sense).

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