How to debug a process without process start form?


I have a process model where I do not have a process start form. The reason for this is that the process should be triggered when a button is pressed in a certain record. The user should press the buton and the process is supposed to be triggered. This works fine.

The problem I encounter is that I am not able to debug this process model. When I start the debugging process I get the error that 'the record to be saved must not be null'. The reason this error occurs, in my estimation, is that the process model does not have any context. The model normally reads data from a CDT and performs actions based on that data. When debugging it does not know what data it should get, so gives the null error.

My question is as follows: how can I debug this process model? The interface layout has a similar situation, and as solution has the option to fill in 'Test inputs'. Is there a similar option in the process model debugging interface? Or do I misinterpretet this entirely and is there something else ongoing?

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