How to omit embedded images but not attachments when using start process by email?

Hi All,

I'm trying to build a process whereby a user sends an email trigger and Appian creates a ticket and uploads any attachments from the email. I've been able to complete most of this but the issue I'm having is that Appian is classing any embedded image from the email (footer images in my case) as an attachment. What I really want is the attachments msg property to only contain actual attachments.

for example:

 - User sends an email to system with 2 attachments and a footer which contains 1 business logo and 3 social media logos.

 - The system picks up the email trigger and the process grabs the attachments but is also including images in the body (totaling 6 attachments now)).

What I want the above to do is only process the 2 actual attachments and not the 4 embedded images.

Any help is appreciated; I'm hoping I'm just missing something here!



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