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Hi All,

We are exposing a startProcess smart service in a Web API object. OnSuccess we return an a!httpResponse() as follows.

                onSuccess: a!httpResponse(

                statusCode: 200,

                body: fv!processInfo.pv.processVariable


According to the documentation on fv!processInfo in the startProcess smart service

fv!processInfo (ProcessInfo): Process properties of the process that was started (such as fv!, properties of the process model (such as fv!, and the values of process variables (such as fv!processInfo.pv.employeeId) once all initial activity-chaining is complete

Testing the Web API object in Appian the process variable is returned in the body of the response. However, when we tested this API with our external system and through CURL and PostMan a 200 status code is returned with an empty body.

My guess is that internally the async process is fast enough that the pv is set before the response is retruned, but testing the api externally the opposite occurs. Has anyone come across this issue before?

  • This is a one node Process Model activity chaining is set correctly and the pv! variable has been set correctly in tests that failed. If this proceeds to be an issue we can carry out the logic in the API itself, we wanted more so to check we are not misreading the documentation, there are no nuances to fv!processInfo we are not aware of or if this is a possible system configuration issue.
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