How do I find the ID of a Folder Process Variable

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I have a process I'm trying to debug.  It appears a Document Folder has gone AWOL, but I don't know which one.  What I need to do is plug the IDs of the Folders into the folder() function or some other function in a test rule to see what's there and what's not there.

The problem:  I can't get the ID of the folder from the Process.  It's just displayed as a Text title.  OK, I have a string title.  What function do I put that string into and it spits out the Folder's ID?  It's not toFolder().

The next problem:  We have several thousand folders that all have the same name, so if I have only a name, it's not even possible to use that to limit the folders returned.  How can I get the ID?  I have a Folder PV, and I don't need its Name; I need it's ID.  How in the world am I ever supposed to find it?

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