Handle node exception and continue process execution


Is there any way to handle exception and continue process execution? In other words if error occurs i need to go to  different route (route 2 on print screen). It is not possible to query db to check if error will occur or not.

Simplifies process model. In real case there are much more nodes after writing to db.

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  • Yes you are right  I tried to use Pessimistic locking and I tried to use separate table for storing locks but it did not worked as expected.

    Solution that finally worked for me was to setup Process Display Name to variable so I can then use Process Report to get list of active process models. Based on Process Display Name queryProcessAnalytics function returns me this name in c0 which I can use to identify how many people are trying to run same process for same record. Based on that I can wait 2-3 seconds and recheck and write to db if there is only me who run this process.

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