Updating CDT impacting live process instances

Dear Community,

I have a CDT by the name 'Fund' which contains a field 'amount' of type 'Number (Integer)'. Due to business reasons, now I have to change this field's type to 'Number (Decimal)' in this CDT. Which means in the backend, I have to change the datatype for this field from 'int(11)' to 'decimal(19,2)'. When I update the CDT by changing the field's data type, it creates a newer version of it. All the future process instances will reflect the newer version of CDT which is just fine. But in production, I have around 1000 process instances which has a user input task with this CDT as one of the inputs. This means all the live process instances before the deployment will continue to remain on the older version of the CDT which is 'Fund^1'.

What is best / recommended / work around approach to handle the in-flight process instances in this scenario?



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