get value of a process variable or task output that is the result of completeTask via webapi

Hello community,

I have a webapi that updates an instance of a process model by completing an open task.

this task has a input for a main category, example {"fruit", "vegetable"}

the task output: Based on input, (a decision rule is called with ac!category as a parameter).  example category("fruit), result: Apple, Banana, Orange is stored in a pv.

I would like to pass the result / task output or the value of the pv as a result/response of the webapi.

I tried to retrieve the result by calling an expression that gets the pv value from a process report, this doesn't work because the data is not updated yet.
fv!processInfo doesn't apply here because it's not an start process api. (guess that's the reason, it doesn't work)

How can I make this work?

Kind Regards,


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