how to save into a variable and start a process at the same time?

I have a feature where the user clicks a link to run a process in the background and perform some actions. What I want to do is to display a message to the user while the PM is running so they know that something is going on. However, I found out that you can't do any other saves until the onSuccess is run. I want to run the following code.

showWhen: not(ri!inProgress),
value: true,
saveInto: {
a!save(ri!showMessage, true),
processModel: cons!WM_PM_SYNC_HOLDS_DATA,
processParameters: {
siteAcronym: ri!siteAcronym,
siteId: ri!siteId,
writeType: ri!writeType,
user: loggedInUser(),
lastSyncDate: ri!lastSyncDate
onSuccess: {
onError: a!save(ri!error, "error")

In the code above, a!save(ri!showMessage, true) is not executed until the onSuccess() in the starProcess() is run even though it's outside of the startProcess. I've tried chaining the process and without any chaining and that save always waits for the PM on success or onError(). Is there a way to get around this? I know there is other ways like using a process report which is what I'm doing, I just want to know if this scenario is possible.

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