StartprocessLink() Creating new Instance

I have two user Input Forms(A,B) in Process Model. Form- A Enter Data, Form-B review  the data and view the uploaded files using the StartProcesLink().

When i clicks the StartProcessLink() it opens another interface with read-only. When i complete the StartProcessLink() form it navigating back to Form-A instead of Form-B?

Noticed backend when it completes the StartProcessLink() Process instance,   Creating new instance with parent process and Old parent instance still Active.

Any inputs or is this limitation?

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    If I understand your scenario 2 correctly, then below is a possibility:

    I'm assuming that you start your process model by using a start process link in an interface. So, your browser is navigating you to the start process URL on the same page and the action opens. You're submitting your first task and the second task opens on the same page as a result of activity chaining in your process model. In this case, the browser URL does not change even when task 2 opens.

    Now in the second task, you have a link that opens a new task. So, once this new task is completed, Appian expects to land you back on the page that was last navigated in the browser. And since the last URL was a start process link, it lands you on the new process instance with task 1.

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