a!startProcessLink is stuck at user input task


I am trying to design an interface when a technician clicks on "Accept Ownership" will trigger a process where we capture the user who clicked on the link and update the database.

Below is part the interface code for accept ownership.

                     item: a!richTextDisplayField(
                       label: "Technician Name: ",
                       labelPosition: "ADJACENT",
                       value: {
                           a!isNotNullOrEmpty(local!technicianInfo['recordType!{668f9fee-8c8c-4ec0-8719-8fe261ecebe6}CG Technician.fields.{28788328-2480-438c-be68-4a5bfccfa974}assignedto']),
                           local!technicianInfo['recordType!{668f9fee-8c8c-4ec0-8719-8fe261ecebe6}CG Technician.fields.{28788328-2480-438c-be68-4a5bfccfa974}assignedto'],
                             text: "ACCEPT OWNERSHIP",
                             color: "NEGATIVE",
                             style: "STRONG",
                             link: a!startProcessLink(
                               processModel: cons!CG_Assign_Technician,
                               processParameters: {
                                 techName: loggedInUser()
                               bannerMessage: "process launched"
                     width: "AUTO"

In the process model, I have created a process variable techName and mapped it to the form. After clicking on the Assign Technician link, I am able to trigger the process model as I was able to capture the loggedInUser() variable in PM. But, the process is stuck there. It is not going to the script task for some reason.

Any help is appreciated.


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