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How to do mathematical calculations based on the received value.

Example : «${d.cost.price}» * «${f.quantity}» how to product of these two values and what is format to use to get the final result of this product.

even for addition.

Please suggest .Thanks in advance.

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    Try doing the calculation in appian end and pass to the node


    Document side:


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    in reply to gayathris0003

    Thanks for the response I have multiple values and it is CDT type 

    Item1 : cost=1,quantity=5
    Item2: cost=2,quantity=10

    How to get 1*5 
    and on next lune 2*10 value

    currently I am able to get the 

    Item Name |   Item Cost | Item Type | ItemQty | total Cost
    A                      1                 NA                5           1*5=10
    B                      10               NA                2            10*2=20

    I need to get the dynamic total cost for each row.

    Please suggest.

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    in reply to lohithk0004

    You should be able to format in foreach

    <table labelField='Table Name'>
    <row index=1>
    <values name='pen'/>
    <values name=8/>
    <values name=10/>
    <values name=80/>
    <row index=2>
    <values name='pencil'/>
    <values name=5/>
    <values name=10/>
    <values name=50/>

    @before-row[#list doc.project.table.row as t] @after-row[/#list]
    @before-cell[#list t.values as c]

    local!items: {
    { item: "pen", quantity: 8, cost: 10 },
    { item: "pencil", quantity: 5, cost: 10 }
    "<Project><table labelField='Table Name'>",
    "<row index=" & fv!index & ">
    <values name='" & fv!item.item & "'/>
    <values name=" & fv!item.quantity & "/>
    <values name=" & fv!item.cost & "/>
    <values name=" & tointeger(fv!item.quantity) * tointeger(fv!item.cost) & "/>