Unable to retrieve back the primary key of a record

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I am using write record smart service, sending record fields but not primary key as it is a auto generation. when I am trying to retrieve the primary key, the primary key is not updating in the pv variable. 
Can anyone helps why it is happening.

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    If you can see the data properly inserted in the database table, then have a look at source filter of the record and make sure that there is no condition which is filtering out the record that you have just written. If that condition is filtering out the record then pv in the output gets updated to null.

    I tried recreating it with example below. When I wrote a record where VehicleYear was less than 2012 or null, pv in the output (i.e. pv!request in your example) was null but when I added a vehicle where VehicleYear was >2016, pv in output got updated with the inserted record along with the primary key.