Submission of userinput Task of a Subprocess leads to Start the Parent Process in Appian



Parent Process



After filling the User input task in this parent process it goes to Subprocess, In the Subprocess I have another user input task(Enabled Activity Chain), After filling the UserInput Task in SubProcess and Submitted, again this Parent Process is started as new one.

Note: In the UserInput Task of Subprocess I have a start process link which helps me to fill another form inside the userinput task of Subprocess.

Submission of StartProcessLink UI lead me to create this New parent process 

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  • a!cardLayout(
    contents: {
    labelPosition: "COLLAPSED",
    value: {
    text: {
    "+ Add  Types"
    color: "#023e8a",
    size: "MEDIUM",
    style: {
    align: "CENTER",
    marginAbove: "LESS"

    link: a!startProcessLink(
    label: "Start Process Link",
    processModel: cons!PP_Add_Generate_Type_PM_Cons,
    processParameters: {

    PP_Fields_CDT: ri!types_CDT,
    PromoCodeID: ri!InitiateFields.ID


    height: "EXTRA_SHORT",
    style: "#ffffff",
    shape: "SQUARED",
    marginBelow: "STANDARD",
    showBorder: false,
    showShadow: false

  • Eg:

    Parent Interface:Parent Process interface
    SubProcess Interface:

    StartProcess Link Interface:


    The Parent process model is even called in Startprocess link only,

    Fill the form in interface 1 and click submit and goes to Interface 2, here we will click the link and fill interface 3 --After filling interface 3 it should return back to interface 2 only but it if Starting the Interface 1 PM.

    Process Activity:

    If you could see pm 1 UIT is submitted and goes to Subprocess PM 2 is Active . We click link Pm 3 started, once we submit Pm 3, We can see New interface1 Pm is started.