Interface - Process Model: The 'On Success' variable is not displaying the final value of the variable

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Hi everyone!

I am facing the following issue: I have a toggle button that activates a startProcess!, which is a Process Model designed to update the dates of a list of tasks. This list can contain more than 100 tasks which should be analyzed one by one in an iterative loop in the process model. However, I have noticed that the onSuccess variable, which should be displayed in a grid is not correct . This problem might be due to exceeding the 50-node limit. I have checked the process, and everything appears to be correct including the onSucess variable. Can you advise me on any way to retrieve this variable with the correct values?

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  • After going through the problem statement looks like you have a process with defined logic to take 100 tasks as input and return 100 modified tasks as output after writing in DB.
    If the above problem statement is correct and you do not need primary key of task 1 to define logic for task 2 then can you divide it as follows:

    1. Do the logic of task modification in SAIL as you already have it.
    2. Use an asynchronous process call to write it in DB.

    This way you will get the modified tasks same time and it will write it in DB in a separate call.

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    Instead of looping back over the two script tasks over and over, and each time using the "append to list" function, I posit that you could perform the looping in each script task (there would still be 2 script tasks but each of them would do all loops in one step).  The only way this wouldn't work very well is if each loop relies on the reult of the previous loop somehow, which you aren't very clear about (this isn't a very common constraint).