Disable Filters on Task Tab

Can we disable the options on the LHS of the tasks tab for STATUS (Open/Closed) and DEADLINE (Overdue, Today, Within 7 Days) in regular tempo? Not Sites.

If yes, how.

Can we either do that for each application or for the entire environment?

If for the entire environment, which file to modify?



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  • That functionality is not configurable in Appian. It will always be there.
  • Hey Aneesh, if you want full control of what shown on the screen for particular application, you might have to go with Embedding feature. Along with Web API feature, potentially you can create custom UI using HTML5 and JavaScript framework, without much of coding.
  • Hey Rawich, we already know about embedded SAIL and SITES. But there are some limitations in that too. Also, we do not want to go the whole 9 yards of creating a custom UI using HTML5 and JavaScript framework for a very simple workflow which is a quick win. Even if you say, without much of coding, it finally does require quite some coding which includes spending time, money, resources, investment ,support and much more. Where one could have a simple enable - disable feature OOTB through the Admin Console, why go the whole nine yards of embedded SAIL? To me a UI should be intuitive, user friendly, flexible, easy to use, scalable, high performance and if features are provided there should be some flexibility to enable or disable those features. Now we can always go that route wherein we could dig the entire Appian Product and find the right JSPs to manually comment out the tag which talks about SAVE CHANGES, DEADLINE, STATUS etc. but that might hamper the overall product. Such changes are not recommended. Instead an easy feature like providing the capability of enable - disable controls can go a long way. After all UI defines every product. I understand the concept of knowledge worker, heads down worker and B2B solutions but then again, while designing any UI, one should understand whether it even makes sense to keep a button or a link which may not be useful to some while for some may be. That flexibility is lacking in regular tempo and never explored.
  • I am having the same issue with Deadline, (Overdue, Today, Within 7 days) and the Save Changes which I want them removed, I am trying to locate the right JSP with no success. Has anyone figure this out? I am working in version 16.3. Is this possible in the appian cloud?

    Thanks in advance.