Start Process Smart Service failing though Process Instance is being triggered

I am triggering a Process Instance by using 'Start Process Smart Service'. A weird behavior I have noticed is, the Process Instance is being triggered but the Start Process Smart Service is crashing with an error. The target process model has just two parameters out of which one is of type CDT(single) and other is of type Date (single). I can also clearly see the triggered instances, the parameterised variables in triggered instances populated with values configured in the Start Process Smart Service node.

Content from logs is as follows:
UnattendedJavaActivityRequest] ERROR com.appiancorp.process.engine.UnattendedJavaActivityRequest - An error occurred while executing activity: id=536936184, classname=com.appiancorp.process.runtime.activities.StartProcessSmartService2
12:39:25,568 INFO [stdout] (Appian Work Item - 6406 - Proce...


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