Advanced User Task Report - new shared tool

Per feedback from certain users regarding the removal of the User Task Report in 18.1, I have designed the following standalone app which should work in most environments, is geared towards admins (or users with "designer" privs and appropriate permissions to process instances), which creates a new "Reports Tab" report to reveal tasks for any arbitrary active user.  The report offers quick access to the task itself as well as to the process instance.

Update: This tool has now been added to the AppMarket.  If anyone has used it and likes it so far, please go to the AppMarket listing and give me a star rating or 'like' :)


The following app package is all-inclusive, except for certain Appian Common Object rules which I'm including in a separate patch.  (Updated version: renamed to "Advanced User Task Report".)

8875.Advanced User Task Report (18.1 - 2018-07-23).zip

Update: 19.3 version using the new read-only grid and other enhancements:

Advanced User Task Report (19.3) - rich text grid updated (v2).zip


The needed Appian Common Objects, for environments which don't otherwise already have them (this would need to be imported first):

4010.Admin User Task Report - Appian Common Objects Patch (18.1 - 2018-05-29).zip

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