Creating a Report that can access System logs over 3 HA Application Servers


We're running a High Availability Cloud system.

If I log into Server 1 then the Log Reader application will pick up the logs on Server 1, if I'm on Server 2 then I get to see the logs for Server 2 etc - the server I end up is random.  

Has anyone found a way of accessing the system logs regardless of which server a user is logged into via the Shared-Logs directory in a UI or expression rule ? 

I had hoped to use some of the Log Reader functions for reading CSV's but these functions do not seem to work with the Shared Logs directory construct. 

Any ideas ? 

Many thanks


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  • Hi Ankur

    Afraid not ... all the functions that came with the Log Reader application do not have visibility of the other servers - they can only act on the data in the logs for the server you are logged into.

    We had an early version of the Log Streaming facility to push our logs out to an external system where we do the same collation - just a shame I couldn't do the same in Appian.  

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