Creating a Report that can access System logs over 3 HA Application Servers


We're running a High Availability Cloud system.

If I log into Server 1 then the Log Reader application will pick up the logs on Server 1, if I'm on Server 2 then I get to see the logs for Server 2 etc - the server I end up is random.  

Has anyone found a way of accessing the system logs regardless of which server a user is logged into via the Shared-Logs directory in a UI or expression rule ? 

I had hoped to use some of the Log Reader functions for reading CSV's but these functions do not seem to work with the Shared Logs directory construct. 

Any ideas ? 

Many thanks


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  • Hello Paul,

    The Log Reader uses the value of the variable "conf.suite.AE_LOGS" as the path concatenated with the "csvPath" on the function "readcsvlog". depending on the AE_LOGS value you may or may not have access to the shared logs for each server. probably you have to send something like "server1/auth-audit.csv"

    I remember seen the functionality of getting all the logs at once in a custom plugin that actually access all the shared-logs and creates one report. Not exactly in the shared components.

    Check the AE_LOGS value and confirm if you can access the other logs, and i recommend you to open a ticket to Appian support.


  • Hi . Question for you: if the Log reader is reading from conf.suite.AE_LOGS and I have a distributed environment (shared-logging where /opt/appian/logs is a symbolic link to /export/appian/<>/shared-logs/<servername>), is the plugin currently reading from both servers or only one?

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