How to differentiate between User and Group Name present in Column in Process report


I have created an Process Report with Report Type as "Task " and Context Type as "All Tasks". Then a report is created & I will add a new column in report called as "Assigned_to" and select formatting option as "User or Group Name".

Now "Assigned_To" column is created in the report which consists of list of "Users" or "Group names" the tasks were assigned to. How can I differentiate that whether the value is User or group name in that column?

For Example: In "Assigned_To" column there are Group names as "VM_User" and users as XYZ.

How can I differentiate that XYZ is user and VM_User is a Group name in that column.

Even though I call the report into interface using a!queryprocessanalytics function how can I differentiate that this is group and this is user in that particular column?

  • Hi Ajay
    If the input is group name or user name then.

    You can use a function a!groupsByName which takes group name as input and return group Id if any group exists with the same name else null.
    so you can go as if a!groupsByName("passGroupName") is not null then it means its a group assignee else it is a user assignee.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

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