Mapping column in process report using multiple pv from multiple process models


I have a process report which displays active tasks across 60 process models.

I need to create a column called "Asset Class" which displays the data for each row. The issue is that every process which is mapped has a different pv variable which stores the value for the asset class.

So for example - Process A has the value for asset class in pv!tAssetClass, and Process B has the same value for asset class in  pv!assetclass and so on..

All these pvs appear as individual pvs in the process report .

Is there any way i can map all these different pvs to the same column in the process report? 

Thanks in advance!!

  • When you add a new column (Columns>Add or Edit Columns>New Data), on the add/edit data dialog window, you can specify a process variable or an expression in the definition.  It sounds like you just need an expression rule that concatenates all the options together, rather than a single pv.  e.g., define a column that is pv!tAssetClass & pv!assetclass.    As long as there aren't overlaps where a variable name is used for something else in a process, only one of those pv will be populated and the rest of the variable names will be null for that process, so you will only see in each row of the report the particular that is asset class variable that is populated/used specifically in that type of process model.

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