link to task in a process backed record grid.

Hello Community,

I try to get a task identifier specifc to a process instance.

when I use this, I get 6 identifiers, they match the 6 instances in the record list:

report: cons!MY_REPORT,
contextProcessModels: cons!IPAY_TEST_FOR_RECORD_PM,
query: a!query(

pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(startIndex: 1, batchSize: -1)


I would like to pass the fv!identifier in the record or pp!id to get the specific identifier of the process instance in the list of 6, then use that in a link to the open task in the record list.

  • 1067516(Number (Integer))
    • 1067535(Number (Integer))
      • 1067554(Number (Integer))
        • 1067612(Number (Integer))
          • 1067574(Number (Integer))
            • 1067600(Number (Integer))

            when I use contextProcessIds: pp!id, it wont work.

            How to query or is there another solution.

            KInd Regards,


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