Process Completion time before start time


I have process report that shows me all processes. I would like to get exact start, end and duration time. As our global settings is us I've used text function to get time in format  dd-mmm-yy hh:mm:ss and milliseconds.

Problem is that sometimes the END TIME is before START TIME and it does not sum up (Start Time + ProcessDuration = End Time).  Please advise how to properly capture process completion time and it duration. There are no tasks in this process. Appian version 20.4

Start time = pp!starttime with text function to format it.

Process Duration = =process_duration()

End Time =text(process_completion_time(),"dd-mmm-yy hh:mm:ss") & "_" & milli(process_completion_time())

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  • Just a preliminary guess but I'm thinking that for your start time, the "seconds" display is rounding up to the nearest second (considering that your "milli" is at 974); as the normal back-end functionality to display the "seconds" value for a particular time, neither knows nor cares that you're going to subsequently request for it to provide the time value's milliseconds (and for almost all use cases, people will rather see "33" instead of "32" when the detailed value is "32.974").